CGI U 2013 at Washington University in St. Louis


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How to volunteer for the Clinton Global Initiative University

Several hundred slots for volunteers are available to assist with the April 2013 CGI U meeting at Washington University in St. Louis.

Only WUSTL students will be eligible to volunteer and should be expected to provide a substantial amount of time over the course of the event.

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Types of volunteer opportunities

Volunteers will be trained for many different duties, including ushering, wayfinding and event preparation. Some specialized volunteers with skills in photography and video will be recruited. Please note that volunteers will likely not have access to much of the meeting content.

Applying or volunteering

We recommend that you fully consider which role you are most interested in during this event (participant or volunteer) and apply only for that position. We will do our best to help applicants who are not accepted for the meeting to apply for a volunteer position at that point if they so desire.

Other ways to become involved

  • The Gephardt Institute will provide resources for the campus to plan and implement events and programs that complement the five focus areas of CGI U: health, education, poverty alleviation, energy and climate change, and peace and human rights.
  • Other departments may also take advantage of electronic streaming of key components of the conference as a way to hold events that involve other audiences.
  • The Gephardt Institute will also offer civic reflection training for campus community members who can then help CGI U participants debrief their experience.
  • The annual Faces of Hope event in spring 2013 and 2014 will likely be connected to the CGI U experience.