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Tyson Research Center

Tyson Research Center

Tyson Research Center’s mission is to provide a living landscape for environmental research and education as a component of Washington University’s International Center for Advanced Renewal Energy and Sustainability (I-CARES). Tyson provides:

  • A landscape-scale experimental venue for studies on ecosystem sustainability
  • A 2,000 acre outdoor laboratory for important research and teaching opportunities from Washington University and other nearby institutions
  • Research and educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students related to the environment and sustainability

Although open to a wide-variety of research projects that require open spaces, core research activities at Washington University’s Tyson Research Center and surrounding natural areas focuses on integrating basic scientific approaches with applied problems that result from the ever increasing footprint of human activities on the planet. Our primary research focus is on ecosystem degradation, restoration, and sustainability.

Other research projects at Tyson include studies on other aspects of environmental biology (evolution, population genetics), sustainable architecture and energy, archaeology, geology, hydrology, crop production and biotechnology, and biomass production for biofuels.