CGI U 2013 at Washington University in St. Louis

Amanda Moore McBride

International volunteer service, and learning through service, is increasingly seen at a broad range of institutions of higher education in a multitude of forms. Universities are embracing the idea that “we are creating global citizens through our educational process,” says McBride, PhD, director of the Gephardt Institute and research director at the Center for Social Development (CSD) at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis. McBride is also serving as chair of the university’s effort in bringing CGI U to our campus.

“While it is not new to higher education, international service pedagogy is at the threshold of a new era,” McBride says. “We have both the opportunity and responsibility in higher education to support and critically assess the international service performed by our students.” View more of McBride’s comments on practice and policy that supports effective international service in higher education setting.

In addition, the Gephardt Institute for Public Service promotes lifelong civic engagement and sustained community impact through education-based service initiatives. Among these are the Civic Engagement Fund, the Civic Scholars Program, and the Goldman Fellows Program, all which provide funding for service projects or internships.